Top 5 jobs for Rebekah Brooks now she’s left News Int.

Poor Rebekah. Where did it all go wrong? Being a Sideshow Bob lookalike has stopped you from being been booted off News International has it? (probably by Edelman, which if it’s the case, I raise my glass to you sirs). However, you’re a bitbull Rebekah, and with a CV like yours, and your (probably burnt) contacts, you shouldn’t find it too hard to get a job elsewhere. So here, just for you Rebekah, is a top 5 list of jobs for you to apply for, from the people on Twitter.

1) The Met Office

2) The Doctors

3) John Frieda

4) Number 10

5) BT

Thanks to @flashboy, @mostly_grumpy, @FashionBeautyEd, @charlieconnelly and @TheBigOBowski for the ideas! If you’ve got any more top tips for Ms Brooks, post them below!

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