Looking for Brad Jordan?

A search for Brad Jordan pulls up thousands upon thousands of search results on Google – predominantly due to some rapper in the USA.

Whilst born Bradford Jordan, everyone knows me as Brad – Which, in SEO terms, is pretty tough to get anywhere on Google’s search results. From famous actors to sportspeople, there’s no shortage of Brad’s in the world.

Jordan, as a surname, has been in the UK for well over 900 years, though to have been bought over by the Normans. It became popular in europe as a personal name during the Crusades when it was common practice for Crusaders to bring back vials containing the waters of the River Jordan to baptise their children with. Needless to say, there’s a heck of a lot of Jordans too!

So, how are people, looking for Brad Jordan (me) supposed to find, me? Those looking for someone else, why not try and look up Brad Jordan on Twitter or maybe Brad Jordan on Facebook. AND, if that doesn’t do it, you can always try looking for Brad Jordan on Linkedin. But for those looking me, Brad Jordan, Social Media Marketing Consultant at Receptional, well, you’ve found me! For those that haven’t, but are looking, I’ve tried to help them out by purchasing bradj.co.uk and bradjordan.co.uk.

If you are another Brad Jordan, and would like to purchase one of these domain names for a lottery winning-similar fee, by all means, do let me know!