Tech PR agency wins Miss Universe?

What do Maria Vicente, Dayana Mednoza, Yeidi Bosques and Chameleon PR have in common?

Good question. And this is exactly the question I found myself asking as I logged into YouTube to check out their latest changes to their interface for an upcoming blog post. 

When searching for a recent video we uploaded (Chameleon’s view of PR in 2010’ – a short video highlighting some of our predictions for public relations in the new year), I took note of the ‘Related Videos’ to the side.

Whilst Steve was insistent that the relation of our video to clips from Miss Universe 2010 had something to do with the fact that he was first to appear on the film, after a quick look we realised it was in fact the titles were very similar.

This is interesting as the tags for each video are completely  different. It would appear that for the moment, YouTube is favouring indexing videos via the titles, placing less of a weighting on the tags users have specifically selected to categorise their content.

Whilst having the advantages of stopping users spreading content across YouTube, tagging videos with irrelevant key words, with the internet expanding rapidly, and more and more digital content pouring onto the internet, have YouTube picked the proper way to index their videos? Is there a better way?

Cold fingers…

As the country is slowly brought to a standstill, Chameleon soldier on. Since Christmas, us Tech PRs all managed to soldier in to the London office, through tretcherous conditions Sir Ranulph Fiennes would have thought twice about…

That’s if you’re to believe what the BBC have been saying about the ‘Arctic Freeze’ we’ve been facing over the past week. Truth be told, most people in this country are just looking for a day off work. Not us! Even when someone decides to leave the heating off over the weekend, and we come in Monday morning only to be faced with temperatures that could send a shiver up a polar bear’s back.. I stole Lucy’s fingerless gloves just to cope..